Excerpts from Enlightened in the 21st Century

Excerpts from Enlightened in the 21st Century

The purpose of this book is to open people’s minds, to help them tear down the walls that have separated them from God. These are walls they themselves have accepted as real. But they are not real. They believe there are contradictions between science and religion. In fact, there are not.

By tearing through non-science’s veil of credibility, we can open our minds to the truth of God’s reality, and God’s presence in our lives. By breaking through those barriers, the light of truth can shine through.

Misconception: Everybody has a long list of problems to deal with. They might include health problems, financial problems, family problems, work problems, relationship problems, whatever.

Truth: In truth, we all have only one problem in life. And we all have the same problem. That is….

Misconception: Every country respects human rights. 

Truth: The United States virtually invented the institutionalization of a human rights guaranty. No other country has a Bill of Rights in their Constitution. No other country recognizes that our rights come from our Creator. The United States is unique in the world on this score. That trust in free human beings is what makes America great. And that trust is one of the primary reasons why so many people want to come here.

You can confidently eliminate worry, fear, and anxiety, from your life. Try it. It works. This is real.